Pay Per Click Ads Management Monthly Subscription
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Pay Per Click Ads Management Monthly Subscription

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PPC and SEM are the same thing. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. These are search ads that are run on search engines like Google and Bing and include platforms like Google Display and Google Shopping. 

When running these campaigns, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. They are set up to track conversions, so if you’re a professional service we are able to track if someone calls you from the ad or submits a quote  or a form requesting more info. If you are e-commerce, then we are able to track add to carts and checkout as well.

Why do you need PPC or SEM?

PPC and SEM are essential to the growth of any business, because PPC is a quick and proven way to generate more leads. Whenever people are looking for something, they Google it, Ask Siri or use some type of search platform. When they do this, they will see your competitors - so it’s imperative that you run paid ads as well.

PPC ads allow us to target your customers based on location or nationally, depending on your business. They are only able to see your ads if they search for the keywords or phrases that we use to set up your campaign, based on your industry and the services you offer or products that you sell. This means that we are only showing your ad to people that express interest in what you have to offer.

We also include reporting in your package, so that you can monitor your ROI and see what type of leads you are getting as well as what keywords, ads, locations and devices (mobile, computer, etc) are working the best.

Once your PPC campaign is set up, we will monitor it closely and make frequent optimizations based on the data to enhance the performance. This program is completely customizable and we can make changes at any time per your request (services, budget, areas targeted, etc.)

This is a tried and true method of generating leads and sales, and is the most efficient way to scale your business.

Once we have your PPC campaign set up, we are also able to do remarketing and serve ads to people that have already visited your website but didn’t generate the conversion. This allows you to stay top of mind for people that are in the research phase.

Prices include click budget, optimization fee and account management.